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"Extensions" on forum

Post by Dutchman » Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:23 am

Mr. K
It has been quiet on my side for a while because I have restructured my BestBASIC environment.
I quote your comment here you have sent me in the past about adding functions:
"I stick to one rule - function should not be implemented as a built-in function if it can be programmed using existing functions. But there are exclusions for those functions which have strong impact on many programs."
I think that this approach is actually very beneficial for us as a user, at least in the long term. As a user, we will add features that will be open source after publication on the forum. That then becomes a strong point for BestBASIC, because we can adjust those functions to our wishes. However, you will have to add basic functions such as, sound and speech, sprites, networking, text encoding / decoding.

I have since adjusted my programming environment for many possible additions of "Extensions". For that I used the structure that is present in the resident "BestBASIC Reference".
In the root folder I have added the folder "Extensions". I could also have used "Libs", but this name fits better with the "Examples" folder. I have added the following subfolders in accordance with "BestBASIC Reference":
"Console", "Math", "Strings", "Graphics" etc.
I have added two more subfolders: "System" and "Arrays".
In almost every folder I already have extensions that I need for my Plot program.

Code: Select all

"/Extensions/" content
 … 📁./Arrays/
 …  … ! Array utils.txt (1026 bytes)
 … 📁./Console/
 … 📁./Extras/
 …  … ! Extras more (1282 bytes)
 …  … # Error test.bb (170 bytes)
 … 📁./Files/
 …  … ! File utils (2313 bytes)
 …  … # Content test.bb (491 bytes)
 … 📁./Graphics/
 …  … ! Graph utils (960 bytes)
 …  … # Plotcolor.bb (666 bytes)
 … 📁./Interface/
 …  … ! Int_ (3680 bytes)
 …  … # Int_ test.bb (397 bytes)
 … 📁./Math/
 …  … ! DSP utils (1984 bytes)
 …  … ! Math utils (1995 bytes)
 …  … # DSP_FIRgain test.bb (2983 bytes)
 …  … # Odd Even Crop Integer.bb (365 bytes)
 … 📁./Misc/
 …  … ! Time utils (1213 bytes)
 …  … # Time functions.bb (297 bytes)
 … 📁./Strings/
 …  … ! String utils (1041 bytes)
 … 📁./System/
 …  … ! Sys utils (4099 bytes)
 …  … # Set zoomfactor.bb (109 bytes)
The files starting with "!" contain the extensions and the associated test programs start with "#". This is to keep extensions and test files separate.

Now I have a request:
Would it be possible to add a major topic "Extensions" to the board index on the forum, with fixed subtopics "Console", "Math", "Strings", "Graphics" etc.
This way we can prevent useful additions from users from being lost in a big mess in which hardly anything can be found.
I hope you find that a good proposal so that I can publish my contributions soon.
It is still a long way to go

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Re: "Extensions" on forum

Post by kibernetik » Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:45 am

Yes, very good suggestion!

The name of this Forum section is "Library" with corresponding subsections. Those libraries which currently have no subsections can stay in the main section.

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Re: "Extensions" on forum

Post by Dutchman » Wed Nov 13, 2019 9:57 am

Thank you for the fast response 8-)
It is still a long way to go

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