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Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 3:56 pm
by Dutchman
I have made the following updates adapted for version 1.6:
"/Extensions/Interface/! Int_"
• Index of "Bnext" and "Scapt" set with 'INBUTT INDEX' and 'INSIGN INDEX'
• Included Col_FB() replaced by Int_ColFB()
"/Extensions/Math/! Math utils"
• Odd() and Even() are now obsolete, supersede by MATH ODD and MATH EVEN
• Truncate() and Crop() renamed to Math_Truncate() and Math_Crop()
"/Extensions/Math/# Odd Even Crop"
• ODD and EVEN replaced by built-in MATH ODD and EVEN
• Math_Crop() still needed
"/Extensions/Math/! DSP utils"
• MATHEVEN applied in subroutine SetOdd
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